Sunday, April 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

Hello kids! What's up? How's life treating you?  So, it's Sunday, for a few more hours, anyway.  When last we met, I was in a state of "excitedness" because it was the eve of Opening Day and I couldn't wait for the day's pre-game festivities to begin.  The day was a long one, but well worth every hour! I didn't even mind the fact that I woke up at the crack of dawn on my day off (Friday) because I'd stupidly scheduled my physical at an ungodly early hour.  Yeah I wasn't thinking when I made the appointment, obviously.  But no harm was done.  When we got to the stadium you could feel the energy and the excitement about the game and the new season.  The Musketeers and I made our way to our usual spot and toasted to our hearts content.  I would post pictures but the girls would kill me, and I'm kind of fond of living, so, no pictures.  The game was actually pretty good and a close one.  But alas, we lost.  All around me I could hear the murmurings of, "...season of rebuilding" and "It's going to be a few years before the Astros can even think of contention."  Meh! Maybe, maybe not.  I mean, did the Bad News Bears ever give up? No! Well, that's not entirely true but for the sake of this post, I'm going with "No".  Regardless, great times were had by all.

Saturday night I took in a rendition of Hairspray at the Miller Outdoor Theater.  This is a stage set in the middle of a park, on the bottom of a hill. It's free and people are allowed to take in food and drinks and blankets and dogs and whatever else makes you happy under the stars.  It's really cool to go watch plays or musicals or concerts. They have different events throughout the year.  The weather was really nice too. Although it was overcast, as the night wore on, there was a really nice breeze  and the skies cleared up.  The show itself was fantastic! I am not as familiar with this show as I am with West Side Story.  But I did know some of the songs by heart and of course I sang along.  It was a great evening filled with wine, laughter, girl talk and a pretty awesome show.  BUT, come on, you knew it was coming right?  As always, there has to be a glitch or something like that to mar the evening.  And there was.  So, the show wasn't scheduled to begin until 8:00 p.m. or as soon as it got dark (it actually says that on their website).  Knowing that it was a pretty popular production, my friends and I decided to get there extra early to find parking and find a good spot on the hill.  Which we did.  Well, about ten minutes before the show began, the Hillbillies (that's the nice name I gave them) showed up en masse! Let's see, there was Ma and Pa and Granny and about four high-school aged kids and a two big coolers and blankets and lawn chairs.  They settled in right behind us.  The show started and the crowd grew silent.  Except for the Hillbillies.  They continued their conversations, and one of the kids got on her cell phone and proceeded to have a discussion with a classmate about prom. How did I know this? How could I not know? She was talking as loud as the cast members were.  And she had THE MOST ANNOYING voice EVER!!!!! It was a cross between The Nanny character and Minnie Mouse.  After getting a few not so nice glares in their direction, by myself and others around them, they quieted down but only for a few minutes.  Then granny decides to confront one of the "glarers" (not me) and tells them that this is a park and they can speak as loud as they want.  "We're in Amuurca" (that's what it sounded like when she said America).  The "glarer" politely told her to "shut the fuck up" because he and his family were trying to enjoy the show.  Pretty soon others sitting in the same vicinity started complaining vocally as well.  So much so that the play was interrupted! Yes, it sure was!  Security was called, the Hillbillies were asked to keep their voices to a minimal so as not to disturb the crowd or the cast.  And just to make sure that this would happen, a nice police man sat beside them the rest of the evening.  Wow.  Now I've seen it all! hahaha  Oddly enough, they left during the first intermission.  Thank God for small favors! I mean really!  Why even bother going to a show that you have no intention of watching?  And not only that but disturbing others who want to watch it??? Ugh!    Yeah we live in Amurrca but come on, have a little consideration for others don't you think?   The next show that I 'm probably going to go see there is a Led Zeppelin show with a light show.  Can't wait to see who shows up to that one! Maybe the Clampetts? Kidding.

Today was all about doing a whole lotta nothin! I attempted to write for a while then I attempted to clean the house, then I got tired and took a nap. Followed by a dose of Lifetime and then I decided to get off my bootay and go to church. Which I did. I 'm glad I went.  I'd missed the last couple of Sundays, for no good reason at all.  I feel better now.  Life is good, people!

On that note, I'm off to see a pillow about some sleep!


Cinderita said...

OMG! I LOVED HAirspray!! So so fun! And what a fun way to see it!! Sounds like it had the beginnings of a really great experience..sorry about the other stuff. boo.

And I gotcha on the "whole lotta nothin"! don'tcha love Sunday's like that? I gotta go to bed...Life IS GOOD! xo

David Batista said...

The only version of Hairspray I've seen is the movie one that came out a few years back. It was pretty good, that. But I don't usually go to musicals.

Your experience reminded me of what goes on in movie theaters quite often. Except here in NYC we don't have hillbillies to worry about. We have "ghetto bunnies," as my grandma would call them. :)

Sounds like you had a great weekend, btw! Now on to another loooong week.

Moby said...


Great blog, very well written! You sound very busy :) I hope you had a great weekend (it sounded like it)

You should come check out mobys blog if you get some free time!

Belle said...

I loved Hairspray; the music is fantastic. I can't understand why people would be that rude. I'm glad they put the cop next to them and they left. Maybe they learned something, but probably not.
Sounds like an exciting weekend!

Yvonne said...

Rita - Yes! I love those "do nothing" days!

David - lol, "Ghetto bunnies"??? Elaborate please. :)

Moby - Welcome and thanks! I'll definitely check out your blog!

Belle- lol, I'm sure they didn't learn anything at all.

'Yellow Rose' Jasmine said...

When you write about all the cool things you do in and around the Houston area, it makes me wish more than ever that I was there. However, I don't know if I care to meet the 'hillbillies'. Here on the left coast we are inundated with know-it-alls who won't let you be without their input no matter how much you assure them that you do not need it. I'm not sure which is worse!

Anonymous said...

I hate it when people are inconsiderate like that! I mean geez why don't you buy yourself some manners?!