Saturday, December 4, 2010

Whimsical Saturday

Saturdays are normally set aside for running errands, maybe some shopping, definitely a visit to the grocery store and lets not forget laundry, you know, "chores" and what not! Normally. Today however, I woke up, sun was shinning, and my inner child refused to cooperate in getting any of the aforementioned done. So, giving in to "the kid", I showered, got dressed and took off. Where I am going is not really as important as just "going". A beautiful Saturday morning merits "top down on the car" music. I pop in my "old-school" music mix cd -what? I love "old school" music! lol First up, Earth Wind & Fire's "September".

What are you doing this beautiful day? Whatever you do, make it funky and fun!
I know I will!



Shady Del Knight said...

I'm glad to learn that you shattered that old pattern and spent the day in breakthrough territory. Good for you!

I have a CD of extended dance mixes of EW&F's greatest hits, only I don't call it old school. I have mine filed under "very very very recent, modern, newfangled type stuff." (LOL)

Play that funky music loud and chase those cares away. Listen to your inner child. She knows what you need. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Yvonne!

Belle said...

This morning at 10 am I picked up my grandson and his girlfriend (they are on-again) and brought them home from her place before her mom came home because she hates my grandson.

Then I picked up my mother, we went to Taco Bell and got lunch and brought it home to the hubby. My mom took our car home to her place while hubby was sleeping. She wants to go to church tomorrow. Hubby wakes up - no car. Shit hits fan. I ignore him. Shit leaves fan and all is ok.

I found out at 3:00 pm that in 10 minutes I have to drive grandson to work. No car. Have to borrow son-in-laws car, which is an old clunky truck with a stick shift. Yahoo.

I am home blogging now, safe from my crazy family (except for hubby, who is repentant about shit that flew and is sucking up to me).

Cinderita said...

I love your Saturday! Mine was great. (so far) I read for awhile in bed, had a chat with someone I'm considering a business deal with, got ready and headed out into the beautiful sunshine. We have a lot of wind here but the sun sure was beautiful. And in the car, with the sun shining on my face and the heat was definitely the illusion of summer. I went through the drive thru at Starbucks and paid for my drink and the drinks for the ladies behind me (I love doing that) and then I went out on a wee road trip to visit a friend who lives a short distance out of town. She made us lunch (yummy open faced sandwiches) and then we went lingerie shopping. It was fantastic!

And now I'm home catching up on my blog reading, a fire going in the fireplace and contemplating eating soup for dinner. HA! Such an glamorous life I lead. xo

♥ The Lyrical Designer ♥ said...

i shopped til i dropped. Then i shopped some more. oh mama. I's TAIYUD.

Yvonne said...

Nice Saturday for everyone I see! :)