Saturday, November 27, 2010

In a Blue State of Mind

Feeling a little down today. Not even fighting it, I'm just giving in to the feeling, acknowledging it and and then I'll let it go. I guess I'm coming off the week-long anticipation-high of Thanksgiving. Or maybe it's the crazy night I had on Wednesday. Which by the way, I'm still laughing about! Yes I can laugh while I'm feeling blah! It's all about the multi-tasking! Or maybe the fact that I saw an old friend last Sunday, or how I miss someone so much it hurts, or that I had a minor disagreement with my mom today. That almost never happens. It was nothing major, but it bothered me. Of course I did the very un-adult thing and stormed off! Even slamming the door on my way out for dramatic effect! Yeah, yeah, I was a total brat, I know. Anyway, apologies have since been made and all is peachy in my household. Still, I've got the blues and want a hug. Not just any hug though. Unfortunately, the hugger I want, well, it's just not possible. Moving on...

I did venture out to do a little shopping today in hopes of cheering myself up. Sadly, I came back empty-handed. I found NOTHING that I fancied. I even went to one of my favorite places in the whole wide world, the bookstore! But again, nada, zero, an epic fail! So as a consolation and last resort, I took myself to the movies. The theater was packed! Plus, it's COLD so that helps make it feel more like the holidays are upon us!
I had some to kill before the movie started so I sat at one of the little bistro-like tables in the lobby and people-watched. I love doing that! I sat there wondering what was going on in each of their lives, where they were going or coming from, making up my own stories about them. Too bad I didn't have my notebook with me. I normally carry a small notebook in my purse and jot down story ideas or character outlines as they come to me. But I switched out purses earlier in the day and forgot to put it in there! Glancing at my watch, I saw it was time for the movie to start. I went to see "Love And Other Drugs" - I loved it! It was sappy and funny and sad and at times, a bit much, but I loved it! And Jake Gyllenhaal is so sexy and adorable, even if I had hated the movie, I would have loved it! lol

Next best thing to sex? Chocolate cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory! It's like multiple orgasms in my mouth! I'm serious! If that doesn't make me feel better I don't know what will! Now you'll have to excuse me, I have a date with a spoon and cheesecake waiting for me!

Good night.


♥ The Lyrical Designer ♥ said...

I hear ya on the cheesecake!! it is orgasmic!!!!

well,i know how you feel about missing specific hugs. It feels so cold without it. Im hoping you find the man who will stick to you like the burr you need!!!!

Yvonne said...

lol -thanks girlie! you made me laugh!!! right back at ya!!!

Shady Del Knight said...

Well here's to multiple orgasms in one's mouth! My oh my, you certainly have a way with words, Yvonne. I had to put the computer on "hibernate" while I took a cold shower! (I'm assuming that "orgams" are the same or at least similar to orgasms, LOL.)

You also raised my eyebrows when you revealed that you went shopping and came home empty handed. A woman who goes shopping and doesn't buy anything? I remember them documenting such a case years ago on Ripley's Believe it or Not!

To get completely serious for a moment, you are describing the manifestations of holiday blues and depression. When you're depressed nothing seems to excite or interest you, and therefore you couldn't even find a book to purchase. When you're down life's difficulties seem to multiply but "seem" is the key word because it's all about perception. When you're on a roll having a great day you can easily ignore the same minor aggravations that become magnified when you're sad and lonely. Please know that I spent many years of my life taking myself to movies and people watching...alone. Harness the pain and turn it into positive action. You know as well as I that things can turn around quickly and before you know it you'll be right back on top of your game. With caring friends and family surrounding you, you'll be okay. Maybe not great all of the time, but at least okay. Okay? I tried just now to give you a hug through the screen but I bumped my head!

Yvonne said...

Shady -you're hilarious! and you got jokes now, eh? lol

Belle said...

One of our theatres was so cold I used to bring a blanket! Now I bring extra socks and sweaters, just in case. I heard a review on that movie and they loved it too.

I had a spat with my daughter Sandy last week and that is upsetting. It only lasted a moment and all is fine, but it can upset your day. Isn't it good though when families can make up right away. Some people can't do that.

Anonymous said...

Yay cheesecakes movies and people watching!

Seriously how did you know that I loved these things?