Thursday, November 25, 2010

Humor me...

Drunk posting! haha That's another one I thought of. Apropos perhaps because I'm slightly intoxicated and too wired to sleep! Tonight (or last night by the looks of the clock) I went out as is my custom every Thanksgiving-eve! I had the best time with my friends. But I was drinking like a fish -which is out of character for me. No harm, no foul, just a lot of laughing and dancing and flirting and good times! It's fun to let loose and go outside your comfort zone sometimes. Tonight felt like the perfect time!

So who else went out? What did you do? Inquiring minds want to know!



Shady Del Knight said...

Comfort zone? Where did you pick up THAT kind of language, kiddo? (LOL) I'm all for breaking patterns and doing something completely out of character. When copious amounts of alcohol are involved one needs to bring along at least one trusted friend who has your back and somebody who can serve as designated driver. Make sense? Happy Thanksgiving, Yvonne!

Belle said...

Last night my grandson, Craig, came over and he opened his birthday presents. He is now 21. In Canada 19 is the big deal because then you can smoke and drink leagally. He has been doing both since he was 14, but what the hay!
Anyway, he got a dinner of hot dogs and Tater Tots (I made fun of him for that) because his mom and aunt had Xmas shopped all day and were pooped! We try to make things special.
My hubby and I gave him $40 (so he can buy lots of beer), my mom gave him $20 (more beer) his mom gave him another cell phone - must be his 10th - he keeps losing, breaking or selling them. His aunt gave him a normal gift - a housecoat and slippers - how boring!
He already had a bash with his friends that kept him in bed for two days and that is why we celebrated his birthday late.
So that is what I did last night. Aren't you glad you asked?

Yvonne said...

Shady - lol I listen! And I'm ALL about the designated driver!

Belle - Yes I'm glad I asked! You always have the best stories! lol