Saturday, October 23, 2010

"Round Two?"

I had a conversation one night with someone that I care for very much. Out of that convesation, this emerged:

"Round Two?"

Hands roaming everywhere.


Bodies entangled, sweat, heavy breathing, lust.

Kisses that keep us wanting more and more.

Deeper, softer, harder, faster, slower

soft moans escape our mouths

our eyes are locked into each other
not looking away.

to be inside me as you are drives me insane!

To feel you with every thrust makes me want this never to end!

Quiet whispers, "I want you so bad", "I need you so much..."

Then all at once the waves come in and lead our bodies to ecstasy.

Catching our breath, laying together, now peaceful, serene.

Pounding hearts returning to normal


with a devilish look on our faces we stare at each other,

Round two?