Monday, October 18, 2010

A Man of His Word

I was watching a telenovela this evening (Yes I admit it. I'm a spanish-soap opera junkie along with my mom! lol)and one of the characters was telling another character how the stranger that had just come to town was a "hombre de palabra" -A man of his word. And it triggered a memory for me. Long ago, when my parents were still together, I remember how my dad was always lying to my mom or to us. Always making promises then not keeping them. I remember one night in particular, they were having a really bad argument and I was in my bedroom with the door closed. But I could still hear them screaming and yelling at each other. Right then and there, I promised myself that the man I would marry, would be a man of his word. I wanted him (still do, keep hope alive and all that. lol)to be an honest man, a man who when he said he would do something, he followed through. Remembering that night and that promise I made to myself, prompted me to take inventory of the men that have come and gone into my life thus far. Final tally to date? No, I won't post numbers. I'll just say that there have been more men who keep their word than men who don't in my life. I like those results. There is something very special about a man who honors his word. To me, that is very important. I think that perhaps because I was let down so much by my own father, I'm a bit skewed on men I date. Funny how something so slight or minute, can trigger such a powerful and forgotten memory.


Shady Del Knight said...

A single word, a sound, a smell, a photograph...they can all bring back a string of memories, pleasant or otherwise. When it comes to men you are wise to keep your standards high. Don't settle.

Belle said...

My first husband used to make all kinds of promises to my daughters and never follow through. They do not like him, merely tolerate him now. Keeping your word, especially to children, is very important.

Yvonne said...

Belle - I know that "tolerate" feeling!

Shady - Yes, I think so too!