Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Just A Note

June 10, 2010

It was as if time stood still and we were 17 again, laughing, cutting up, enjoying ourselves. But time had not stood still. In fact, 25 years had passed since we graduated. Over the weekend, I had the pleasure to visit with some pretty remarkable women -my classmates from 1985. As expected, there was tons of laughter and hugs, and even tears. Indeed, we were transported back to the days when our biggest worry was what to wear to our infamous IWA dances or who was going to be the designated driver for the evening or how we were going to sneak into the Four Seasons hotel to meet Prince or who had done the homework assignment from the night before! And even though we moaned and groaned because the "nuns" were the equivalent to an army sergeant or the like, we loved it and we knew your it! lol I was amazed at how little we all changed physically. Oh sure, there was the weight discussion, and the wrinkles discussion, etc., but to look into the eyes and the faces of these women, you wouldn't know that so much time had passed. I loved every minute of it! I'm only sorry that not all of our classmates were able to join us. It made my heart smile and I haven't stopped laughing since Saturday night. Sending us to Incarnate Word Academy was the best thing our parents could have done for us. Friendships come in many forms, and although some of us had not spoken or seen each other since graduation, the bond that we share and we created the four years we went to school together, will forever hold us together as sisters.

You are all fabulous, intelligent and vibrant women. And I am proud to call you all friends.

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