Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Jibber Jabber

Mass was packed today. I wish it was packed every Sunday and not just on the Sunday before Christmas and Easter. The sermon today was one I needed to hear. It was almost as if the priest and God were speaking directly to me and I'm glad for that. I need healing and comfort and closure. Well, I need a whole hell of a lot more than that but for now, they will do.

I drove to one of my favorite places in the whole wide world, a bookstore! Yeah, yeah, boring and all that, I know. But I love it! This place makes me feel better if I am feeling bad. I get giddy walking in and must look at every aisle, every book that catches my fancy. I'm in there for hours at a time sometimes! Today I was a bit rushed. Perusing the next best sellers, wondering when MY book will fill one of those slots, moving on to the different genres. Almost 45 minutes later, I leave with my treasures in hand.

Has anyone else noticed how "empty" the Sunday newspaper has become? Oh sure, it's filled with tons of coupons and advertisement but there is no "stories' in there anymore. Not anything newsworthy anyway. All I see are tidbits of celebrity mishaps and maybe a blurb about local news. Nothing substantial. I miss the Sunday paper. I miss that it used to take me hours to read it on Sunday morning.

This past week I kissed a boy. And I liked it. A lot.

Drinking wine on an empty stomach makes me write whatever I'm thinking. Kind of like drunk texting or drunk dialing. lol But hey at least I didn't actually text or call anyone. That's a GOOD thing.
My spelling is stellar though!

You've been a trooper for reading. Please take care of the waitstaff!

Good night.

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