Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good bye

I attended a rosary/viewing tonight. My sister in law's daddy passed away on Saturday. I first met Mr. G way back when ALGS was only 17 years old. She eventually married my brother Rene. Mr. G was a very nice man, intelligent and he loved and provided for his family always. His untimely death -why do people say that anyway? "Untimely"? As if there is ever a good time for death. But I digress...

My sister in law always, always, spoke highly of her daddy. And she loved him more than mere words can ever express. Tonight, after I paid my respect, I went to hug ALGS. I lost it. The tears just came out and I couldn't stop them. I told her I loved her daddy too, and that I wished
-many times that my daddy would be like hers. I know, I know, that doesn't say much for mine, but it's true. Ugh! Enough, that's another blog, not this one.

I then held my oldest niece Sydney. She's 9 years old. My brother Rene's daughter. She told me she was really sad about her grandpa and that she already missed him very much.

The funeral home was standing room only. Mr. G would be happy to see so many of his family and friends there. I'm sure he's up in heaven, having a beer with his son Paul, and smiling down at everyone.

Rest in Peace RG.

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