Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Circle

I have four childhood friends that I am rather close to. Well, as close as our lives allow us to be now. We've known each other some since birth, some since elementary school and others in the latter years of our adolesence. Now we are all grown up. Some of us are mothers and wives, some are single, working moms, and some are just single, period. lol All busy with careers and what not. I've always liked how through our uips and downs of each of our lives, we always manage to come together, for support, or soldarity, or whatever it is we need at the time.

Tonight was not the exception.

One of my friend's dad passed away on New Years Eve. The viewing was held tonight. When I found out that he had died, I felt very sad. Sad because I knew my friend was/is hurting and sad because I had not spoken to her in a few weeks. Not on purpose, just life got in the way. Silly isn't it? We often realize after the fact, how easy it is to make excuses about not calling or writing or texting -as it were.

The misty rain and the traffic wouldn't let me rush to the funeral home like I wanted. And so I sat in my car, watching the misty rain fall, and quickly disappear behind windshield wipers. The weather somehow setting the mood for where I was going.

These friends of mine mean the world to me. We have been through so much in our lives. Shared so many memories. I am fortunate to know this kind of love. As I finally walked into the funeral home tonight, and I saw my friends, sitting closely together, talking and embracing, my heart filled with warmth. Here we were, the circle, Joanna, Michelle, Jeannie, Maria and me.

May your daddy rest in peace Jo and may God bring you comfort during this difficult time

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