Thursday, August 30, 2007


Falling off a cliff...

That is how I felt when I met I was falling off of a cliff. A cliff that had no final destination, nothing concrete.

How I wished at that moment that I would always feel this way! How I wanted to memorize every moment, every detail of that day.

We became friends. We became lovers. Our worlds were entwined and nothing would ever separate us!

I am lying on the floor of our apartment. I cannot speak. But my eyes see you. Your worried face. The look of desperation...

What's happening? I want to yell out? But when I try to open my mouth all I taste is blood.
I close my eyes just for a second. When I awake again I am no longer in my body. My body is listless on the ground as you my love, kneel beside me. But, why are you crying?

I am at peace. I now understand. I left you. I died. For a brief second, I too want to cry but cannot. I am at peace.

Falling off of a cliff...until the day I die...

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