Thursday, August 30, 2007

Just why?

Why do men say "looking for friendship first...", "take things slow.", "get to know you first..." on their profiles and sometimes it even comes out of their mouths but in reality, that's not what they want at all. What they want is to get into our pants as fast as they can! It pisses me off that they go out of their way to swoon, sway, impress you but all that goes to crap because the minute you decide to go out with them...they're all over you!!!! If all I wanted was to have sex buddy I wouldn't have done all that work!!! This has happened to me so many times now I lost count! It's really too bad too because there was one particular guy I really became attracted to and wanted to see where our "dating" might lead to...ahahahaha, try NOWHERE!!!!! During our first date he asked me to give him a blow job and when I said no, he huffed away pissed!!

See what I mean?????

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