Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jibber jabber

Why is it that as hard as we try and as much as we do nothing is ever enough or we're never "good enough"??? It's like they are saying, "Eh, you're good but we want "better." It is frustrating to me that people play with your mind on a daily basis. In your career, in your personal life, hell even strangers do it to you!

I have been unhappy with my boss for a long time. It's not a secret. I have been vocal about my discontent. Today he (the boss, or ex-boss I should say) decides to goad me and goad me until I give in and now, I have nothing left to give. He has drained me. I have nothing left to offer. I am DONE.

Enough! Finito!

I don't understand how employers can and do treat their "employees" with utter disrespect and indifference. I have always found it curious that people in management positions or say, oh I don't know, partners in a law firm hold their employees with little or no respect at all. Oh when you are making them money and billing those hours and "goin the extra mile" they are your "friend". They are all about "team work" and "family atmosphere" but the minute that you lets say, make a mistake or interject your "opinion" then all hell breaks loose and you go from "my friend" to "my enemy" in an instant!! I use to say that I was the "whore" and my boss was my "pimp" -Not any boss in particular mind you. I'm speaking in general terms. Think about it, I go out, make the company money and more money and do all the "dirty" work and they sit back and take in all my earnings...and what do I get in return? Hell not even a "Good job!" No, that would be too much to ask for and god forbid I ask for anything at all!! Some people would argue that the employer has every right to act the way he/she does after all it's their business right? Well I disagree. I look at it this way, I'm the employer. I hire you to do the best possible job you can do. If I make money then you make money. If you are a happy employee, you are a productive employee. But if you are an unhappy, disgruntled empoloyee, then my business suffers and so does my revenue. It's simple math for god's sake! I'm so tired of the bullshit! The back-stabbing, money hungry, hypocrites who say they "have your best interest" at heart when in fact, they could care less! I'm not asking for perfection. I'm not asking to be your friend even. But don't treat me like dirt. Don't look at with the blank stare. Clueless to what is really happening.

Some friends of mine tell me that being in this line of work that I am in has jaded me after so many years. Perhaps. But jaded or not, what I state is true. Sigh, why then do I keep doing what I do? Why indeed! I dunno. Because I truly believe that not all people are bad. Because I want to believe that justice does exist. Because I want to help the "little people" of this world, because I want to make a differnce. That's why.

Maybe I'm just crazy, dunno about that either -the jury's still out!

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