Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hall and Oates Revisted!

Talk about "going back"!!! I am sitting here in my bedroom, I've got the glass of wine, I'm going back and forth from HC to proofing a chapter in my novel , I've got the candles going and for my listening pleasure... Hall & Oates -The Best of!!! lol How funny is that??? Back "in the day" my best friend from high school and I were the BIGGEST Hall & Oates fans in all of Houston! We went to every concert, knew all the words to ALL of their songs, stalked them, almost got arrested for "stalking" them, met them, hung out with them and their band, almost ran over Daryl Hall...I mean we were ALL over the place for them!!! lol Oh yeah, we got kicked out of the Four Seasons for them too! lol That was before we were thisclose to the roadie who eventually let us meet them! lol Now we're old friends and go "way back"!!! hahahaaha

Time flies doesn't it? Yeah their music was "bubblegumish" but so what? I wouldn't trade "Sara Smile", "Rich Girl", "Didi Doo Wop", "Private Eyes", or any of their songs for what is out there today!!!!

Sigh. Now back to your regular programming!!!

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