Thursday, August 30, 2007

Everyone it seems, sans me. What is it that predetermined that I would live in this world and be single all of her life? Is it a blessing in disguise? Is it an omen? Is it Karma? Truly, I am at a loss here!

A friend of mine recently wrote about being single and how everyone in her life it seemed were getting married or were in a relationship. Which led me to think that exact same thing about my life. The difference between my friend and I though is age. She's in her thirties and I am forty. So what? You ask? So what indeed! Age is but a number. Society, however, has deemed it nearly impossible to go about living your life in a serene and happy state if you are dare I say it OLDER and SINGLE!!!! It's almost like you are walking around with a big "stigma" on your person. Hence my reference to the Scarlet Letter.
I used to take pride in knowing that while my friends were running around getting pregnant, married, or engaged, I was none of those things. I was living my life. Sometimes single, sometimes not. Now, well not so much anymore. Now, I am getting worried. Not so much because I HAVE to get married. Because I don't really know that I WANT to get married. But dammit, I would like the opportunity to find out and perhaps mull over the possibility for a bit! Is that so wrong?

Alas! What do I know? People always say that "the grass is always greener"... Maybe. Maybe not.

Hug me.

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