Thursday, August 30, 2007


I was chastized last night by a friend of mine for "choosing" to do something with my family rather than joining a buch of friends at Memorial park to go to the art festival and then have lunch. She asked what I turned them down for and after I told her I went to see my neice's first game she went off on me. She said that I was going to be the "eternal SINGLE aunt" if I kept hanging out with "them". (THEM being my family of course) I was a bit angered and disappointed in her but it got me thinking...

Sometimes we use our "crutches" -whatever they may be to sheild us from the pain of actually "living". I started thinking that maybe I did spend a little too much time with the family. What can I say? We're close. We do a lot of stuff together and we enjoy our times together. I don't necessarily think that I do this ALL of the time but I must confess that being around familiar surroundings is soothing to me and so I take that option.

I'm trying to get better at socializing and putting myself out there a bit more. I didn't always do this. In fact, for a while I was a regular social butterfly and could give Chelle a run for her money! (heh) But it's cyclical with me I guess.

I blogged about this because I wanted to know if any other singles out there used their "families:" as clutches for their lives...

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